State of the Lone Star State:
How Life in Texas Measures Up

State of the Lone Star State ranks Texas against other states in 150 indicators broken up into 6 chapters.  The entire book is downloadable in 8 separate files: a cover, an introduction, 6 chapters and an appendix.  To read this report, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can get a free copy here: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Otherwise, you can order a copy of the report from TPJ for $12.

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Table of Contents

Cover (pdf version | jpg version)
Introduction & Methodology (18K)
   A. Title Page
   B. Introduction
   C. Methodology
I. Environment (193K)
   A. Toxic & Hazardous Waste
   B. Air Quality
   C. Water Quality
   D. Energy Use
   E. Land Use & Transportation
II. Education (85K)
III. Human Services (150K)
   A. Kids
   B. Health
   C. Welfare
IV. Economy (110K)
   A. Jobs & Income
   B. Taxes
   C. Consumers
V. Public Safety (133K)
   A. Crime & Punishment
   B. Guns
   C. Traffic Safety
VI. Democracy (70K)
Texas' Rank on All 150 Indicators at a Glance(19K)

Order State of the Lone Star State for $12

© Texans for Public Justice, 2000

Editors: Paul Robbins & Andrew Wheat
Research Assistants: Matthew Connolly, Kimberly Hill, Bill Medaille & Simon Joseph Torres.
Design & Layout: A. Cinqué Hicks

A special thanks to the many experts and advocates within Texas’ dedicated public interest community who provided insight and suggestions for this project.

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