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Pay to Play

V. Paying To Play

C.  Donors Were Four Times As Likely to Get Heard
Mortgaged House
The justices were almost four times more likely to accept petitions filed by contributors than petitions filed by non-contributors. Of the 442 petitions that the court accepted, 70 percent (310 petitions) involved at least one petitioning party or law firm that contributed to a justice.
Donors Accounted for 40% of Petitions Filed...

Petitions Filed
Contributors = 1,582 petitions;
Non-contributors = 2,360 petitions.

  • Contributors filed 40 percent of the petitions.

  • Non-contributors filed 60 percent of the petitions.
  • The court accepted 20 percent of the petitions filed by contributors.

  • The court accepted just 5.5 percent of petitions filed by non-contributors. 
... And 70% of Petitions That the Justices Accepted.

Petitions Accepted
Contributors = 310 petitions;
Non-contributors = 132 petitions.

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