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James Tobin

Occupation: Political Consultant
Employer: Tobin & Co.
Home: Bangor, ME
Political consultant and lobbyist James Tobin stepped down as New England chair of the 2004 Bush campaign after being accused of conspiring to jam Democratic get-out-the-vote phone lines in 2002. A 2005 federal indictment charges Tobin, who plead innocent, with four felonies for his alleged role in a conspiracy to supress turnout of Democratic voters in 2002. Then a regional director of the Republican Senatorial Committee, Tobin helped New Hampshire's John Sununu win a close Senate race that year. Although Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ken Mehlman repeatedly had said the GOP has zero tolerance for such voter-suppression schemes, the Associated Press reported that the RNC paid $722,000 worth of Tobin's legal bills in 2005. Tobin heads a Maine-based political consulting firm and works for the Washington lobby firm DCI Group (see Charles Francis). Tobin reported that two lobby clients, Peoplewise and US Bancorp, paid him $160,000 in 2004.
2000 cycle; Minor League Pioneer
2000 cycle; Major League Pioneer
2004 cycle; Major League Pioneer
2004 cycle; Ranger

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