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G.W. "Bill" Ceverha

Occupation: Lobbyist
Employer: Self-employed
Home: Dallas, TX
A former TV reporter who co-founder of the Texas Conservative Coalition, Bill Ceverha is an ex-state legislator was an author of a constitutional cap on spending in the ultimate low-tax, low-service state. Yet Ceverha’s fiscal conservatism seems to turn on whether or not a public expenditure will line his clients’ pockets. As a lobbyist for Pioneer Louis Beecherl, Ceverha led a group that defeated a Dallas referendum to fund a 1988 light rail plan. Ten years later, Ceverha was a top cheerleader for a record $246 million Dallas bond initiative to develop the banks of the Trinity River. Critics called it a boondoggle that will line the pockets of Beecherl and other project boosters who own land adjacent to this grandiose public works. The huge public works program is beset with delays and difficulties. Conservationist David Gray of the Texas Committee on Natural Resources said in 2002 that those who devised the bond package “had no idea how it would all work together.” City council members were impressed with project designs presented in June 2003 but expressed frustration that they received no estimates of what the project would cost. Then-Governor Bush appointed Ceverha and Pioneers George Bucy and George Bayoud to the board of the Texas National Research Laboratory Commission in 1995. The commissioners promoted the federal government’s 54-mile, $11 billion Superconducting Super Collider, which was abandoned in North Texas before completion (see Joe Barton). Governor Bush also appointed Ceverha’s wife, Mary, to the Texas Board of Health. After heavy lobbying by Pioneer Tom Loeffler’s firm, this board voted in 1999 to bury rules that would have restricted sales of the weight-loss supplement ephedrine (see Craig Keeland), which had been linked to eight Texas deaths. Ceverha and Beecherl were big supporters of the sometimes dirty campaign to elect a Republican House Speaker in Texas in 2003 (see Tom Craddick). Ceverha was treasurer of Tom DeLay’s Texans for a Republican Majority PAC (TRM. A federal grand jury in Austin is investigating complaints that TRM illegally spent more than $500,000 in corporate funds to help elect a 2002 GOP majority in the Texas House. That majority made Pioneer Tom Craddick House Speaker and laid the groundwork for DeLay’s congressional redistricting plans. Several Democrats who lost 2002 House races to TRM-backed candidates have sued Ceverha for damages The pending case went to trial in early 2005. Ceverha was Texas regional chair of Bush’s 2003 reelection campaign. Texas Governor Rick Perry appointed him to the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Military Preparedness and the board of the Texas Employees Retirement System.
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