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Rudy Boschwitz

Occupation: Chair
Employer: Home Valu
Home: Plymouth, MN
German-born Rudy Boschwitz founded Plywood Minnesota, which later became Home Valu, Inc., a home-improvement chain he heads. Boschwitz was a U.S. Senator from 1978 to 1991, after he was ousted by poorly funded populist Paul Wellstone; the late Senator Wellstone beat Boschwitz again in 1996. Minnesota voters were underwhelmed by Boschwitz’s record in the Senate, where he opposed minimum wage increases, abortion and tough environmental rules, while championing weaker corporate liability, unfettered global trade and a flat tax. Some voters also were repulsed by a 1990 Boschwitz mailer that told Jews that he was “more Jewish” than Wellstone. The letter attacked Wellstone for marrying a Christian and for not raising his kids Jewish. President George W. Bush appointed Boschwitz, who co-chairs Bush’s 2004 reelection fundraising in Minnesota, to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council in 2002. Boschwitz said of his fellow Pioneers in 2002 that, “We’re people who are well-connected and are willing to put in the time to raise a few dollars.” Incomplete Pioneer fundraising records from the Bush campaign suggest that Boschwitz was one of Bush’s top 2000 Pioneer fundraisers, raising $388,193 by an uncertain date in that campaign.
2000 cycle; Minor League Pioneer
2000 cycle; Major League Pioneer
2004 cycle; Major League Pioneer
2004 cycle; Ranger

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