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Bush Donor Profile
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Sam Fox

Occupation: Chair & CEO
Employer: Harbour Group
Home: Saint Louis, MO
With annual revenues of more than $1.5 billion, Sam Fox’s Harbour Group has executed more than 100 leveraged buyouts since its inception in 1976. Harbour specializes in the takeover of manufacturing companies. Products of its companies include high-pressure cleaning equipment, plastic processing equipment, auto accessories, textile machinery, building products, industrial fasteners and heat exchange equipment. Through large investments in China, Harbour Group has developed close ties with the Chinese government. As the top individual donor to the Republican Party, Fox is the ultimate “Republican Regent,” the elite group of donors who gave $250,000 or more to the GOP in the 2000 election cycle. A New York Times story on the Regents in 2000 noted that the party often disguises the identities of these donors by scattering their contributions among multiple party committees. While campaign records indicated that Fox had given $275,000 to the Indiana Republican Party, for example, he told the Times that never wrote a check to the Indiana party and Republican National Committee officials said they could not explain this discrepancy. Fox, whose personal wealth has been pegged at more than $500 million, hosted a record-setting Washington fundraiser in 2000 that took in $21 million. Earlier, Fox flew to Austin to meet with Bush in early 1999 along with three other Missouri Pioneers: Adele Hall, Stephen Brauer and John Mahaffey. Fox was among 22 wealthy business leaders whom President Bush, who calls this donor “Foxie,” invited to lunch in 2001 to discuss his tax cut for the rich. Fox told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he got involved in politics in the 1980s out of concern over the huge federal deficit, which the Bush administration itself predicted would exceed half a trillion dollars in 2004. Fox chairs the national Republican Jewish Coalition. He and Pioneer coalition members Ned Siegel and Fred Zeidman accompanied House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on his 2003 trip to Israel. Harbour Group companies received $3.3 million in federal contracts in fiscal 2002. Sam Fox’s sons Jeffrey Fox and Gregory Fox are Bush Pioneers and Harbour executives.
2000 cycle; Minor League Pioneer