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Perry's campaign received $3.9 million from state appointees
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Perry Patronage:
Donor-Appointees Gave the Governor $3.8 Million


    1. Summary
    2. Introduction
    3. Appointments By Office
    4. Big-Donor Appointees
    5. Employer Contributions
    6. Perry Appointees Unknown to Perry's Campaign
    7. Appointments By Region
    8. Appointments By Gender

I. Summary

  • Texas Governor Rick Perry tapped 1,027 appointees 1,123 times to serve on 235 state agencies, boards and commissions between December 5, 2002 and February 22, 2006 (some appointees were appointed multiple times).
  • Between January 2000 and December 2005 Perry's campaign received a total of $3,870,324 from 330 of these appointees (32 percent) or their family members. Perry's appointees contributed an average of $3,769 apiece to the governor's campaign coffers.
  • Appointees to education-related offices gave the governor the most money, averaging $10,616 per appointee. University regents topped this list, led by Texas Tech Regent Larry Anders. The $220,304 Anders gave Perry made him the governor's most-generous donor-appointee.
  • Perry's campaign took in $3,103,928 more during the same period from sources affiliated with his appointees' employers. Perry Homes attorney John Krugh—whom the governor appointed to the Residential Construction Commission—led this group. Krugh's boss, Bob Perry, gave the governor (no relation) $690,000.
  • Despite a Texas law requiring candidates to use their "best efforts" to disclose the employers and occupations of large donors, Perry's campaign repeatedly failed to make these discloses for large donors whom Perry already had appointed to state offices.
  • Texas most populated regions accounted for the greatest shares of Perry's appointees. The governor selected the most appointees from the Prairies & Lakes and Gulf Coast regions, which encompass Texas' biggest cities.
  • Governor Perry tapped women for 38 percent of his appointments. Equality-minded women may have to dig deeper. The average female appointee gave Perry $1,762 compared to the male average of $4,476.

II. Introduction

Texas Governor Rick Perry tapped 1,027 appointees 1,123 times to serve on 235 state agencies, boards and commissions between December 5, 2002 and February 22, 2006 (some appointees were appointed multiple times). Between January 2000 and December 2005 Perry's campaign received a total of $3,870,324 from 330 of these appointees (32 percent) or their family members. In this way the Perry campaign raked in an average of $3,769 per gubernatorial appointee. During the same period the governor's campaign took in another $3,103,928 from sources affiliated with the employers of these appointees.

Perry's Donor-Appointees At A Glance

No. of No. of No. of Appointee Average Perry Donations
Appointments Appointees Donor- Donations Appointee From Appointees'
    Appointees To Perry Contribution Employers
1,123 1,027 330 $3,870,324 $3,769 $3,103,928

The timing of these contributions ran the gamut. Some contributions arrived in advance of the corresponding appointment, some arrived after the fact, while many other appointees contributed both before and after their appointments. Despite a 2003 state law that requires Texas candidates to use their "best efforts" to disclose the employer and occupation of donors of $500 or more, the Perry campaign repeatedly failed to disclose the employers of large donors whom the governor already had appointed to state offices (this is discussed more below).

Texas governors have a rich history of using their appointment powers as a patronage tool. Since this is the most comprehensive appointee-patronage study ever, there is no systematic way to compare Perry's patronage to that of his predecessors.1 Anecdotal evidence suggests that the biggest patronage plums have been appointments to be Parks and Wildlife Commissioners and university regents. These appointments channel the twin Texas obsessions of hunting2 and football.

III. Appointments By Office

Education - Average Price $10,616
Education appointees were Governor Perry's most-generous appointees, contributing an average of $10,616 apiece. Governor Perry's No. 1 donor-appointee was Texas Tech Regent Larry Anders, the head of Plano-based life insurer Summit Alliance Companies. Anders gave Perry $220,304, moving 61 percent of it prior to his 2005 appointment.

Six other Education appointees made six-figure contributions to Governor Perry: UT Regents Robert Rowling ($207,262) and James Huffines ($122,180); Texas Tech Regents J. Frank Miller ($175,000) and L.F. 'Rick' Francis ($107,500); Texas Board of Education Chair Geraldine "Tincy" Miller ($139,00); and A&M Regent Erle Nye ($131,000).

Humanities  - Average Price $8,316
While regent appointments can yield premium college football seating, there is no such explanation for the No. 2-ranked Humanities category, which yielded an average of $8,316 per appointee. Two high-roller appointees skewed these numbers. Governor Perry appointed Houston beer distributor magnate John Nau ($185,260) to the Historical Commission in 2003—one day after Nau gave Perry's campaign $12,500.

The other leading Humanities donor-appointee is Austin's Donna Stockton-Hicks ($163,160), whom the governor tapped for the Poet Laureate, State Musician and State Artists Committee. Stockton-Hicks owns a chichi, artsy interior design supply store. Husband R. Steven Hicks and brother-in-law Tom Hicks sold a radio company in 1999 for $16 billion.

Appointments By Type of Office

Appointed Office Average   Percent Total
Category Appointment No. of Involving Appointee
(% of All Appointments) Price Appointments Donations Donations
Education (12%) $10,616  135 35% $1,433,093
Humanities (4%) $8,316  45 44% $374,220
Natural Resources (12%) $6,410  133 42% $852,556
Insurance (1%) $6,167  15 20% $92,500
Finance (4%) $3,940  41 32% $161,527
Corrections/Security (9%) $2,673  100 22% $267,278
Other (7%) $2,171  79 27% $171,535
Housing (2%) $1,982  17 29% $7,000
Infrastructure/Transpo. (3%) $1,938  39 46% $77,296
Law (7%) $1,501  78 36% $117,080
Health/Human Services (14%) $958  153 16% $146,507
Economy (6%) $840  62 26% $52,070
Licensing (18%) $559 198 25% $110,712
Retirement (2%) $248  28 29% $6,950
TOTAL: $3,446  1,123 32% $3,870,324

Natural Resources - Average Price $6,410
Three Parks & Wildlife Commissioners dominate the No. 3 ranked Natural Resources sector: Heavy equipment dealer and San Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt ($206,000); Houston developer Ned Holmes ($174,250); and Houston auto dealer T. Dan Friedkin ($151,000).

The governor appointed three five-figure donors to the Rock Crushers and Quarries Advisory Committee: McKinney gravel executive John Lattimore ($81,200); state Senator Troy Fraser ($10,581); and San Marcos irrigation products manufacturer John Richard Weisman ($10,000).

The other top donors appointed to Natural Resources posts were: Clifton Thomas of the Guadalupe–Blanco River Authority ($126,000); Patrick Gordon ($13,750) of the Rio Grande Compact Commission; John Goodman ($12,500) of the Emissions Reduction Plan Advisory Board; and Ray Wilkerson ($10,500) of the Lower Colorado River Authority.

Insurance - Average Price $6,167
The top Insurance appointee is real estate broker Richard Smith ($86,000) of Bryan, whom Perry appointed to the Workers' Compensation Commission. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development fined Smith's company $19,200 several months after his 2003 appointment. HUD alleged that title companies supplied Smith's company with free virtual home tours in exchange for business referrals.

Finance - Average Price $3,940
The leading Finance appointee is Finance Commissioner Allan Polunsky ($150,000) of San Antonio law firm Polunsky & Beitel. Perry also appointed one of Polunsky's partners, Jesse Adams, to the Racing Commission.

Corrections - Average Price $2,673
Dallas attorney Christina Melton Crain is the top-giving Corrections appointee ($175,966). Perry appointed Crain to the Criminal Justice Board. Husband Nate Crain of Shop Online fortune previously chaired the Dallas County Republican Party.

Most Expensive Offices

  No. of Donation Per  
Appointed Office Appointments Appointment Top Donor
State Artists Committee 1 $163,160 Donna Stockton-Hicks
Education Board 2 $69,500 Geraldine 'Tincy' Miller
Parks & Wildlife Commission 8 $67,814 Peter Holt
Guadalupe–Blanco River Authority 2 $63,000 Clifton Thomas
UT System Board of Regents 6 $58,831 Robert Rowling
Texas Tech Board of Regents 9 $57,296 Larry Anders
Criminal Justice Board 5 $46,533 Christina M. Crain
Finance Commission 6 $25,067 Allan Polunsky
A&M University Board of Regents 6 $25,025 Erle Nye
Human Services Board 3 $22,773 Jerry Kane
Alcoholic Beverage Commission 1 $21,607 John T. Steen, Jr.
Historical Commission 10 $19,401 John Nau III
Workers' Compensation Commission 5 $17,200 Richard Smith
University of N. TX Board of Regents 3 $17,000 Robert A. Nickell
Advisory Council on Physical Fitness 3 $16,667 Scott Kubitz
Higher Education Coordinating Board 11 $14,813 Paul Foster
Rio Grande Compact Commission 1 $13,750 Patrick Gordon
Commission for Women 13 $12,306 Suzanne Azoulay
Rock Crushers/Quarries Adv. Com. 9 $11,531 John V. Lattimore
Structural Pest Control Board 3 $7,000 John Morrison
Transportation Commission 4 $6,794 Robert Nichols
Univ. of Houston Board of Regents 3 $6,750 Dennis Dixon Golden
Jefferson/Orange Co. Pilot Com. 5 $6,720 William F. Scott
Economic Development Corp. 7 $5,641 Paul Foster
Judicial Conduct Commission 2 $5,250 Wm 'Buck' Prewitt III
Midwestern State Univ. Bd of Regents 4 $4,806 Munir Lalani
Preservation Board 1 $4,250 Jocelyn Levi Straus
Emissions Reduction Plan Adv. Board 4 $3,140 John B. Goodman
School Land Board 1 $3,000 Todd Barth

IV. Big-Donor Appointees

Donor-Appointee To Perry Appointed Office City Employer
Larry Anders $220,304 TX Tech Regents Plano Summit Alliance Co's
Robert B. Rowling $207,262 UT Regents Dallas TRT Holdings, Inc.
Peter M. Holt $206,000 Parks & Wildlife Blanco Holt CAT; San Antonio Spurs
John Liston Nau III $185,260 Historical Commission Houston Silver Eagle Distributing
Christina M. Crain $175,966 Criminal Justice Board Dallas Self-employed attorney
J. Frank Miller $175,000 TX Tech Regents Dallas JPI
Ned S. Holmes $174,250 Parks & Wildlife Houston Parkway Investments
Donna Stockton-Hicks $163,160 State Artists Committee Austin Stockton Hicks Laffey
T. Dan Friedkin $151,000 Parks & Wildlife Houston Friedkin Companies
Suzanne Azoulay $150,000 Commission for Women Dallas NA
Allan B. Polunsky $150,000 Finance Commission Sn Antonio Polunsky & Beitel
Geraldine 'Tincy' Miller $139,000 Education Board Dallas Henry S. Miller Co.
Erle Allen Nye $131,000 A&M Regents Dallas TXU Corp.
Clifton Thomas Jr. $126,000 Guadalupe–Blanco River Auth. Victoria C.L. Thomas, Inc.
James Huffines $122,180 UT Regents Austin PNB Financial
Paul Foster $112,224 *Economic Development Corp. El Paso Western Refining Co.
L.F. 'Rick' Francis $107,500 Texas Tech Regents El Paso Francis Properties
Kent C. Sullivan $90,975 District Court judge Houston McFall Martinez Sherwood...
Richard Smith $86,000 Workers Compensation Com. Bryan Richard Smith Co.
John V. Lattimore, Jr. $81,200 Rock Crushers Advisory Com. McKinney Lattimore Properties, Inc.
Jerry Kane $68,320 *Health/Human Srvcs Council Corpus Sam Kane Beef
Oliver John Bell $55,700 Criminal Justice Board Austin E Team Companies Comm.
Scott Kubitz $50,000 Fitness Advisory Council El Paso Flex Enterprises, L.P.
Robert A. Nickell $46,000 Univ.of N. TX Regents Dallas Investor
William F. Scott $25,000 Jefferson/Orange Co. Pilot Com. Nederland Trans-Global Solutions, Inc.
John T. Steen, Jr.  $21,607 Alcoholic Beverage Commission Sn Antonio Self-employed attorney
John Lee Morrison $21,000 Structural Pest Control Board Sn Antonio Worldwide Pest Control
Nicholas Serafy, Jr. $18,984 Economic Development Corp. Brownsville Proficiency Testing Service
Dennis Dixon Golden $18,750 *Univ. Houston Regents Carthage Golden Eye Associates
A.W. 'Whit' Riter III $17,587 Higher Ed. Coordinating Board Tyler Riter Management Co.
Robert Lee Nichols $15,714 Transportation Commission Jacksonville NA
Scott Caven $15,498 UT Regents Houston Goldman Sachs & Co.
Nancy Neal $15,000 Higher Ed. Coordinating Board Lubbock NA
Joe Bob Hinton $14,682 *Higher Ed. Coordinating Board Crawford Mobil Oil Corp.
Patrick R. Gordon $13,750 *Rio Grande Compact Com. El Paso Gordon & Mott P.C.
Samuel Loyd Neal, Jr. $13,500 Military Preparedness Com. Corpus Hilb Rogal & Hamilton Insur.
John B. Goodman $12,500 Emissions Reduction Adv. Board Houston Goodman Global Holdings
Ida Clement Steen $11,500 A&M Regents Sn Antonio Cullen/Frost Bankers
Troy Fraser $10,581 Rock Crushers Advisory Com. Horseshoe Bay State of Texas
William 'Buck' Prewitt III $10,500 Judicial Conduct Commission Horseshoe Bay Prewitt Management Co.
Ray Wilkerson $10,500 Lower Colorado River Authority Austin Ray Wilkerson Companies
Julie K. Attebury $10,050 Medical Board Amarillo Happy Horizons Properties
Alfred B. Jones $10,000 Economic Development Corp. Corpus American Bank
Munir Lalani $10,000 Midwestern State Univ. Regents Wichita Falls Lalani Properties
John Richard Weisman $10,000 Rock Crushers Advisory Com. San Marcos Hunter Industries, Ltd.
Lawrence Anderson $9,000 Medical Board Tyler Dermatology Assoc. of Tyler
Noe Fernandez $8,955 Health/Human Servcs Transition McAllen Dos Rios Textiles Corp.
John W. Barnhill, Jr. $8,047 UT Regents Brenham Blue Bell Creameries
Andrew W. Dunn $7,350 Jefferson/Orange Co. Pilot Com. Orange Groves Pallet Co.
Jerry Farrington $7,000 *Higher Ed. Interim Committee Dallas TXU Corp.
Ted Houghton, Jr. $6,960 Transportation Commission El Paso El Paso Water Utilities
Woodrow McCasland $6,700 Lower Colorado River Authority Horseshoe Bay Highland Lakes Bank
Sada Cumber $6,500 Economic Development Corp. Austin SozoTek, Inc.
William Flores $6,400 Real Estate Commission Sugar Land Gryphon Exploration Co.
Christie Leedy $6,250 Commission for Women Abilene Abilene Dental
Jacob Monty $6,000 *Mutual Insurance Co. Board Houston Monty Partners LLP
Catherine Mosbacher $6,000 Family/Protective Srvcs Council Houston NA
Paul G. Pond $5,750 Stephen Austin State Univ. Board Port Neches Greenlawn Memorial Park
Christopher D. DeCluitt $5,625 Brazos River Authority Board Waco Sovereign Corp.
Ken Kelley $5,000 Energy Planning Council Amarillo Applied LNG Technologies
Scott P. Sayers Jr. $4,950 Cemetery Committee Austin Ben Crenshaw
Amanullah Khan $4,675 Medical Board Dallas Cancer Center Associates
John David White $4,600 A&M Regents Houston Jones Walker
Pamela Gough $4,550 Midwestern State Univ. Regents Graham Open Door Christian School
Roger Williams $4,522 Transpo. Motor Vehicle Board Weatherford Roger Williams Chrysler
Trinidad Mendenhall $4,500 Econ. Dev. Stakeholders Board Houston Fiesta Mart, Inc.
Barry Smitherman $4,500 *Public Utility Commission Houston Harris County
Rice M. Tilley, Jr. $4,500 Univ. N. TX Regents Forth Worth Haynes Boone
Stephen Gustafson $4,425 Midwestern State Univ. Regents Wichita Falls Falls Distributing Co.
Jocelyn Levi Straus $4,250 Preservation Board Sn Antonio NA
John D. Parker $4,078 Parks & Wildlife Commission Lufkin Trans-Texas Homes Corp.
Bob Stafford $4,050 Texas Tech Regents Amarillo Stafford Cattle Co.
Bob Bowman $4,000 Historical Commission Lufkin Bob Bowman & Associates
Chao-Chiung Lee $4,000 Military Facilities Commission Houston STOA Int'l Architects
William W. Collins, Jr. $4,000 Arts Commission Fort Worth Self-Employed attorney
Mark Bivins $3,750 Parks & Wildlife Commission Amarillo Corsino Cattle Co.
Wade Gear $3,500 Brazos River Authority Board Mineral Wells Clements-Gear Management
Mark Griffin $3,500 Texas Tech Regents Lubbock Rip Griffin Truck Service
Ernest Angelo, Jr. $3,500 Public Safety Commission Midland NA
James Herring $3,500 Water Development Board Amarillo Friona Industries, L.P.
'Hope' Andrade $3,500 Transportation Commission Sn Antonio OptimaCare
Jeff Austin III $3,250 Regional Mobility Authority Tyler Austin Bank
Colleen McHugh $3,137 *UT Regents Corpus Bracewell & Patterson
James R. Nichols $3,100 Professional Engineers Board Fort Worth Freese & Nichols, Inc.
Windy Sitton $3,063 Texas Tech Regents Lubbock Sitton's Selections
Albert F. Hausser $3,050 Historical Commission Sn Antonio NA
Todd Barth $3,000 School Land Board Houston Bowers Properties
C. Kent Conine $3,000 Housing & Cmty Affairs Dept. Frisco Conine Residential Group
Deborah Hunt $3,000 Tax Professional Examiners Bd. Austin Williamson County
Keith E. Miller $3,000 Medical Board Center Texas Medical Foundation
L. Mijares $3,000 Public Finance Authority El Paso Mijares Mora Architects
Joe Max Green $3,000 Stephen Austin State Univ. Board Nacogdoches Joe Max Green/Insurance
John Walton $3,000 Real Estate Commission Lubbock Century 21 Realtors
Lupe Fraga $2,750 A&M Regents Sugar Land Tejas Office Products, Inc.
Fred N. Moses $2,600 Licensing & Regulation Com. Plano Telecom Electric Supply
Mary Hardie Teeple $2,500 Arts Commission Spicewood NA
Fred 'Shad' E. Rowe $2,500 Pension Review Board Dallas Rowe & Co.
Robert Wingo $2,500 Economic Development Corp. El Paso SandersWingo, Inc.
Gary Fickes $2,350 Econ. Dev. Stakeholders Board Southlake Fickes & Dorety Develop.
Paul A. Braden $2,250 Pension Review Board El Paso Delgado Acosta Braden…
Hollis Horton, III $2,250 Appeals judge Beaumont Orgain Bell & Tucker
Joseph B.C. Fitzsimons $2,250 Parks & Wildlife Commission San Antonio Self-Employed attorney
Jeffery Ross $2,250 Health Services Council Bellaire Foot Specialists Medical Ctr
Julie Brink Straus $2,250 Commission for Women Sn Antonio NA
George McWilliams $2,250 Higher Ed. Coordinating Board Texarkana Patton Roberts McWilliams…
Billy M. Atkinson, Jr. $2,000 Public Accountancy Board Sugar Land PricewaterhouseCoopers
Sylvia Fernandez $2,000 Cancer Council San Antonio UT Health Science Center SA
Bernie Francis $2,000 Texas State Univ. Regents Carrollton Business Control Systems
Ralph Gauer $2,000 Military Preparedness Com. Harker Heights Fort Hood
Wayne Halbert $2,000 Rio Grande Water Authority San Benito Adams Gardens Irrigation Dist.
Glenda C. Mariott $2,000 Residential Construction Com. College Station Mariott Homes
Jesse R. Adams $1,750 Racing Commission Helotes Adams & Polunsky
Harris M. Hauser $1,707 Pharmaceutical/Therap. Com. Houston Memorial Neurological Assoc.
David Allex $1,700 Regional Mobility Authority Harlingen Allex & Assoc. 
Michael Cooper Waters $1,600 Rural & Community Affairs Office Abilene Hendrick Health System
Brenda Pejovich $1,550 Building & Procurement Com. Dallas NA
Bud Alldredge, Jr. $1,500 Veterinary Examiners Board Sweetwater Sweetwater Veterinary Hosp.
Richard Azar $1,500 Aerospace/Aviation Adv. Com. El Paso 5T6 Resources
Sharon S. Butterworth $1,500 *Aging/Disability Servcs Council El Paso NA
Joe Ned Dean $1,500 District Attorney Trinity State of Texas
Sara Armstrong Hixon $1,500 Historical Commission Houston NA
Jane Juett $1,500 Economic Development Corp. Amarillo Kitchen Gallery, Inc.
James Pendell $1,500 School Safety Center Board Clint Strickland Foods
Lynden B. Rose $1,500 University of Houston Regents Houston L M Rose Consulting
Linda McKenna $1,427 Public Finance Authority Harlingen Valley Baptist Health System
Jane Wetzel $1,425 School Safety Center Board Dallas NA
Lee Anderson $1,400 Medical Board Fort Worth Retina Consultants
Timothy J. Turner $1,350 Medical Board Bellaire Global PTM
Ernest Aliseda $1,250 District Court judge McAllen Martin Drought & Torres
James T. Campbell $1,250 Appeals judge Amarillo Peterson Farris Doores… 
F. Scott Dueser $1,250 Texas Tech Regents Abilene First Financial Bankshares
Cobie Russell $1,250 Arts Commission Dallas Self-Employed artist
Jimmie Steidinger $1,250 Rio Grande Water Authority Donna NA
James S. Walker II $1,250 Architectural Examiners Board Houston James S. Walker Architects
Robert W. Shepard $1,200 *Higher Ed. Coordinating Board Harlingen Shepard Walton King Insur.
*Appointed to more than one office; most-recent appointment listed here.

V. Employer Contributions

In addition to the almost $3.9 million that the Perry campaign received from the families of gubernatorial appointees, the campaign collected another $3,103,928 from sources affiliated with the employers of Perry's appointees. This employer-related money (received between January 2000 and December 2005) includes contributions from other company employees, company-affiliated PACs and in some instances from the company itself.3

The appointee boasting the largest employer-related contributions is Perry Homes attorney John Krugh. Krugh's boss, Bob Perry, is Texas' No. 1 individual donor. Bob Perry gave $690,000 to Rick Perry (no relation) since 2000. Krugh helped draft 2003 legislation that created the Texas Residential Construction Commission. Governor Perry's appointees to this industry-friendly commission—including Krugh—all represent the building industry. Perry Homes' role in creating and running the commission prompted Democratic state Rep. Garnet Coleman to tell the Austin American-Statesman, "In Texas you can buy your own state agency, then regulate yourself."

Four other appointee companies are associated with more than $200,000 in gubernatorial contributions. Governor Perry appointed Whitney Wolf, a senior vice president at SBC (now AT&T) to the Skill Standards Board. SBC PACs and employees gave Perry $311,118.

Animal Health Commissioner Ralph Simmons is a production director at Pilgrim's Pride poultry. Dominated by donations by company founder Lonnie 'Bo' Pilgrim, Pilgrim's Pride contributed $281,692 to the governor.

A Perry Finance Commission pick is Dell Computer finance executive Kenneth Harris. Dell executives have given the governor $253,220.

Perry appointed Reliant Energy Executive Vice President Jerry Langdon to the Energy Planning Council. Reliant PACs and employees gave the governor's campaign $211,000.

Appointees With Big-Donor Employers

Employer Amount† Appointee Appointed Office
Perry Homes $690,000 John R. Krugh Residential Construction Com.
SBC, Inc. $311,118 Whitney B. Wolf Skill Standards Board
Pilgrim's Pride Corp. $281,692 Ralph Simmons Animal Health Commission
Dell, Inc. $253,220 Kenneth Harris Finance Commission
Reliant Energy $211,000 Jerry Langdon Energy Planning Council
TXU Corp. $127,975 Mitchell Lucas Radiation Advisory Board
Hance Scarborough… $125,000 Lisa Ivie Miller Fire Fighters' Pension Commission
HE Butt Grocery Co. $101,000 Gregorio Flores Volunteerism/Cmty Service Com.
Baker & Botts  $85,000 Jane N. Bland Appeals judge
Akin Gump Strauss… $77,250 Robert Pemberton Appeals judge
Friedkin Companies $66,000 T. Dan Friedkin Parks & Wildlife Commission
Compass Bank $58,025 Robert G. Griffith Commission for the Blind
O'Donnell Foundation $50,000 Carolyn R. Bacon School Finance Jt. Select Com.
Polunsky & Beitel $50,000 Allan B. Polunsky Finance Commission
Bracewell & Patterson $44,500 Colleen McHugh *UT System Board of Regents
Andrews Kurth $35,000 Mauricio Rondon District Court judge
Exxon Mobil Corp. $32,300 Kathleen Jackson Lower Colorado River Authority
Trans-Global Solutions $32,179 William F. Scott Jefferson/Orange Co. Pilot Com.
CenterPoint Energy $31,400 Joseph Berry One-Call Board
TX Petro. Marketers Assn $30,000 Jerdy Gary Regional Mobility Authority
United Servcs Auto. Assn $27,500 Joe Robles Military Preparedness Commission
S&B Infrastructure $27,000 Timothy Flannery Assistive/Rehab. Services Council
American Electric Power $26,029 Charles Patton Energy Planning Council
Jackson Walker $25,250 Suzan Kedron-Lyn Physical/Occup. Therapy Exam. Co.
King Ranch $24,000 Jack Hunt Water Development Board
Texas Instruments $23,000 Tegwin Ann Pulley TX Woman's Univ. Bd of Regents
Bank One $20,000 Cary P. Yates Manufactured Housing Board
Boeing $20,000 Leland Williams Aerospace/Aviation Adv. Com.
Western Refining Co. $18,000 Paul Foster *Economic Development Corp.
American Airlines $14,625 Amy Ley Council for Dev. Disabilities
Dow Chemical Co. $14,500 Sharon J. Barnes Health & Human Services Council
Bell Helicopter $12,500 Douglas Grady, Jr. People with Disabilities Com.
Waste Management, Inc. $10,000 Larry O'Donnell III Energy Planning Council
Cash America $8,500 William White Finance Commission
Vought Aircraft Industries $7,000 Janie Haga Aerospace/Aviation Adv. Com.
Merrill Lynch $6,600 Judith Devenport One-Call Board
Ebby Halliday Real Estate $6,500 Mary F. Burleson Real Estate Commission
Deloitte & Touche $6,000 Greg Bailes Public Accountancy Board
Dos Rios Textiles Corp. $6,000 Noe Fernandez Health/Human Srvcs Transition Com
Sam Kane Beef $6,000 Jerry Kane *Health & Human Services Council
Blue Bell Creameries $5,500 John Barnhill, Jr. UT System Board of Regents
Lockwood Andrews… $5,500 James S. Duncan Building & Procurement Commission
Desert Eagle Distributing $5,500 Robert Brown Parks & Wildlife Commission
Mary Kay, Inc. $5,100 Anne Crews Family & Protective Services Council
Goldman Sachs & Co. $5,025 Scott Caven UT System Board of Regents
† Does not include contributions from the corresponding appointee.
*Appointed to more than one office; most-recent appointment listed here.

VI. Perry Appointees Unknown To Perry's Campaign

A 2003 reform that Governor Perry signed into law requires Texas candidates to use their "best efforts" to disclose the occupation and employer of donors who contribute a total of $500 or more to a campaign in one reporting period. Candidates who fail to do so are required to document at least one written or verbal request to the donor for the missing information.

Perry's campaign repeatedly failed to disclose the employer of large donors whom Perry already had appointed to state offices. The campaign left the employer field blank, for example, in reporting $25,000 contributions from Perry-appointed A&M Regent Erle Nye and Finance Commissioner Allan Polunsky. The campaign failed to disclose this information even though the governor previously reported it in press releases about the corresponding appointments.

Appointees Whom the Perry Campaign Failed To Identify
When They Made Post-Appointment Political Contributions

      Employer Listed In
  Poorly Disclosed,  Employer Disclosed Governor's Release
  Post-Appointment With Post-Appointment Announcing
Donor-Appointee Perry Donations Perry Donation(s) Appointment
Erle A. Nye $25,000 Left blank TXU Corp.
Allan B. Polunsky $25,000 Left blank Polunsky & Beitel
William F. Scott $20,000 "Best Efforts" Trans-Global Solutions
*Joe Bob Hinton $10,482 "Self" Mobil Oil Corp.
*Jerry Kane $7,000 Left blank Sam Kane Beef
*Jerry Farrington $5,000 Left blank TXU Corp.
*Dennis Dixon Golden $4,500 "Best Efforts"/Blank Golden Eye Associates
John David White $4,500 "Best Efforts"/Blank Jones Walker
John W. Barnhill, Jr. $3,500 "Retired" Blue Bell Creameries
William 'Buck' Prewitt III $3,000 "Retired" Prewitt Mgmt. Co.
Ken Kelley $2,500 "Best Efforts" Applied LNG Tech.
Keith E. Miller $2,500 "Self" TX Medical Foundation
Paul A. Braden $2,000 "Best Efforts" Delgado Acosta Braden…
William Flores $2,000 "Self" Gryphon Exploration Co.
John D. Parker $1,466 "Retired" Trans-TX Homes Corp.
Andrew W. Dunn $1,000 "Best Efforts" Groves Pallet Co.
Bob Bowman $1,000 Left blank Bob Bowman & Assoc.
Dan T. Serna $1,000 "Best Efforts" Serna & Co.
Jane Juett $1,000 "Retired" Kitchen Gallery, Inc.
*Ralph Gauer $1,000 "Retired" Fort Hood
*Samuel Neal, Jr. $1,000 "Best Efforts" Hilb Rogal & Hamilton
James Pendell $1,000 "Self"/Blank Strickland Foods
Jack M. Skeen, Jr. $500 "Best Efforts" Smith County
Jeffery Ross $500 "Self" Foot Specialists Med. Ctr
Ruth Schiermeyer $500 "Self" MassMutual
Gloria 'Gogi' Dickson $500 "Self-Employed" Dickson Consulting 
John A. Brieden $500 "Self-employed" State Farm Insurance
Randall N. Reichle $500 "Self" Eye Center of Texas
Mark Delaney $500 "Best Efforts" William Scotsman, Inc.
*Appointed to more than one office; most-recent appointment listed here.

Similarly, the campaign reported that it had exhausted its "Best Efforts" attempting to identify the occupation and employer of $20,000 donor William F. Scott, whom the governor previously appointed to the Jefferson and Orange County Pilot Commission. At that time the governor had identified Scott as the Chair and CEO of the shipping company Trans-Global Solutions, Inc.

VII. Appointments By Region

No. of
Percent of
 Region Appointments
Prairies & Lakes 299 27% $1,515,468 $5,068
Gulf Coast 279 25% $972,357 $3,485
Hill Country 171 15% $622,976 $3,643
Panhandle Plains 114 10% $97,293 $853
South TX Plains 111 10% $260,312 $2,345
Big Bend 78 7% $314,534 $4,032
Piney Woods 70 6% $87,384 $1,248
TOTAL *1,122 100% $3,870,324 $3,446
*Note: One appointee is from Connecticut.

Governor Perry's appointees were geographically concentrated; he picked more than half of them from the state's two most populous areas: the Metroplex's Prairies & Lakes region and Houston's Gulf Coast Region. Another 15 percent of Perry's appointees came from the Austin-dominated Hill Country. The Panhandle Plains and South Texas Plains each produced 10 percent of Perry's gubernatorial appointees. The sparsely populated Big Bend and Piney Woods regions produced the fewest appointees.

Generally, appointees from appointee-intensive regions contributed heavily to Perry's campaign. In an exception, the governor collected a generous average contribution of $4,032 from Big Bend appointees, whose region accounted for just 7 percent of all gubernatorial appointees.

VIII. Appointments By Gender

No. of
Percent of
Percent of
TX Populaton*
Female 426 38% 50% $750,599 $1,762 
Male 697 62% 50% $3,119,725 $4,476 
TOTAL: 1123 100% 100% $3,870,324 $3,446 
*U.S. Census, 2000.

Governor Perry tapped women for 38 percent of his appointments. The governor collected $1,762 from his average female appointee, considerably less than the $4,476 that he received from the average male appointee. Male spouses also accounted for much of the money that Governor Perry received from the families of his most generous female appointees, a list led by Christina Melton Hicks, Donna Stockton-Hicks and Geraldine "Tincy" Miller.

1Texans for Public Justice previously published a less-thorough study of some of then-Governor Bush's donor appointees. See "Governor Bush's Well-Appointed Texas Officials," October 2000.
2Two Perry appointees accompanied Vice President Dick Cheney on his ill-fated, South Texas hunting expedition in February 2006. Perry appointed future Cheney shooting victim Harry Whittington to the Family & Protective Services Council. He also appointed Sara Armstrong Hixon, who survived the expedition unscathed, to the Historical Commission.
3Texas law generally prohibits corporate contributions to candidates. yet it does permit direct contributions from limited liability corporations (LLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and professional corporations (PCs).