This report was published in July 2000. It should be considered outdated and is kept online for historical purposes only.

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Pioneer Profiles: George W. Bush's $100,000 Club
Name: Dennis Muchmore
Occupation: Partner, Muchmore Harrington Smalley & Associates
Industry: Communications
Home: Haslett, MI


Political Contributions:
Bush Gubernatorial Races: 
Republican Hard Money: 
Republican Soft Money: 
Democratic Hard Money: 
Democratic Soft Money: 
Federal PAC Hard Money:
Total Contributions:
Soft Money from Employer:
to Republicans:
to Democrats:
An ex-vice president of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Muchmore worked as an aide to three state senate committees before founding one of Michiganís largest lobby firms. Its corporate clients include Amway, AT&T, Seagramís, the Detroit Tigers, HMOs and many other hi-tech, insurance and energy companies. The firm helped defeat a proposed smoking ban for restaurants in Detroitís Wayne County in í98.

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