This report was published in July 2000. It should be considered outdated and is kept online for historical purposes only.

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Pioneer Profiles: George W. Bush's $100,000 Club
Name: Edward Floyd
Occupation: Physician, Floyd Medical Associates
Industry: Health
Home: Florence, South Carolina
Political Contributions:
Bush Gubernatorial Races: 
Republican Hard Money: 
Republican Soft Money: 
Democratic Hard Money: 
Democratic Soft Money: 
Federal PAC Hard Money:
Total Contributions:
Soft Money from Employer:
to Republicans:
to Democrats:
Dr. Floyd makes a buck off smokers coming and going. As a vascular surgeon for more than 30 years, he has operated on many smokers who suffer from tobacco-related hardening of the arteries. Dr. Floyd also owns allotments to grow 932,000 pounds of tobacco a year—enough for 26.3 million packs of cigarettes. Asked by a reporter in ’98 how he squares his tobacco plantations with his professional oath to do no harm, Floyd said, “You know, I just never have thought about it in those terms.”

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