This report was published in July 2000. It should be considered outdated and is kept online for historical purposes only.

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Pioneer Profiles: George W. Bush's $100,000 Club
Name: Howard H. Leach
Occupation: President, Cypress Farms, Inc.
Industry: Agriculture
Home: San Francisco, California


Political Contributions:
Bush Gubernatorial Races: 
Republican Hard Money: 
Republican Soft Money: 
Democratic Hard Money: 
Democratic Soft Money: 
Federal PAC Hard Money:
Total Contributions:
Soft Money from Employer:
to Republicans:
to Democrats:
Leach is an ex-Republican National Committee finance chair and was a member of President Bush’s “Team 100” fundraising elite. He complained to President Bush in ’92 that California growers needed a big subsidized gulp of Central Valley water. When they got it just 10 days later, Common Cause complained that this big donor’s receipt of a special perk created an appearance of impropriety. Ex-Gov. Pete Wilson appointed this farming, timber and investment tycoon as a University of California Regent; Leach helped Wilson raise $9.5 million for his re-election. As chair of the Regents in ’95, Leach led a majority of the board in voting to end affirmative action in the UC system. 

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