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Friday, July 28, 2000
Contact: Craig McDonald, Andrew Wheat

Bush’s Pioneer Fundraising
Network Detailed in New Report

Group Analyzes & Profiles 212 Pioneers
CEO’s, Lobbyists & Welfare Recipients Lead List

Austin, Texas: A new study analyzing the 212 Pioneer fundraisers that have delivered at least 24% of Bush’s $90 million war chest concludes that their ranks are dominated by corporate executives and special interest lobbyists.  The Pioneers group includes a host of polluters, corporate welfare recipients and trade group leaders who seek special favors for their particular industries. The report by Texans for Public Justice is the first in-depth look at each of the Pioneers. The report classifies and analyzes the Pioneers made public by Bush as of July 15, by their business and ideological interests, tracks the total money each spends on politics, and provides individual profiles of each of the 212.  (Earlier this week the Bush campaign released a list of 14 additional Pioneers, bringing the total to 226.)

“Thanks to this small group of business tycoons & lobbyists, Bush has raised more money than any other political candidate in history, twice as much as any presidential candidate before him,” said Texans for Public Justice Director Craig L. McDonald.  “If you can judge a candidate by his big donors, a Bush presidency will bring more corporate welfare, more pollution, less consumer regulation and more business lobbyists to the White House.”

Among the findings of The Bush Pioneer report:

“The Pioneer network is the embodiment of special interests,” said Andrew Wheat, a report author.  “Pioneers give big money to get special favors from government, usually at the expense of the rest of us.”

The Bush Pioneers in all likelihood may have delivered much more than $100,000 each. But Bush’s campaign—which painstakingly tracks the amount of money raised by each Pioneer and even by each industry—refuses to make this information public. Similarly, the only Pioneers that the campaign has outed are those whom the campaign says already have delivered the requisite minimum of $100,000 apiece. Back in July 1999, Pioneer coordinator Jim Francis said that almost 400 individuals had taken the Pioneer pledge. Bush, who views disclosure as the cure to all that ails the campaign finance system, will not say how many individuals are being tracked and how much each has bundled for the campaign.

 The Bush Pioneer report is available at Texans for Public Justice’s website:

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