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The Dollar Docket

TPJ's monthly Dollar Docket provides updates on money in the Texas Supreme Court. Each month we provide a short expose showing the effects of money on cases before the Texas Supreme Court.  The Dollar Docket also totals contributions to justices from all parties and lawfirms in cases before the Court for that month.

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Dollar Docket #29: Federal Court To Judge Justices' Secrecy   October 2003

Dollar Docket #28: Weekley Homes Comes On Home   May 2003

Dollar Docket #27: Republican Militants Wail To the Chief   April 2003

Dollar Docket #26: Court's Rehab in Lege's Hands   March 2003

Dollar Docket #25: Business Judges Open for Business   January 2003

Dollar Docket #24: High Court Candidates Raise $1 Million A Seat   October 2002

Dollar Docket #23: $4 Million and Counting   September 2002

Dollar Docket #22: Halliburtonís Home Court Gives Workers the Shaft   May 2002

Dollar Docket #21: Put Court-Reform Walk In 'Tort-Reform' Talk   April 2002

Dollar Docket #20: Blindfolded Voters Pick Gagged Judges   March 2002

Dollar Docket #19: Trials v. Tort Lobby In Republican Primary   February 2002

Dollar Docket #18: High Court's Top Donor Bucks Disclosure Law   January 2002

Dollar Docket #17: Close Friend of Court Goes Down In Flames   December 2001

  November 2001

Dollar Docket #15: New Term Prediction: Money Will Flow With Cases In Tow   September 2001

Dollar Docket #14: Majority Opinion: End 'Clerk Perks'   May 2001

Dollar Docket #13: Bush's Judicial Intent: Fake Moderate, Veer Right   April 2001

Dollar Docket #12: Dearth of Court Clerks Unrelated To Their Perks   March 2001

Dollar Docket #11: The Jury's Always Out In Binding Arbitration   February 2001

Dollar Docket #10: The Home Boys' Hold On the High Court   Year-end 2000

Dollar Docket #9: ExxonMobil Double Talk   October 2000

Dollar Docket #8: Briefing Clerk Perks   September 2000

Dollar Docket #7: Contribution Kickback!   End of Summer 2000

Dollar Docket #6: Court Delivers Home Inequity   June 2000

Dollar Docket #5: Wheeler Dealers   May 2000

Dollar Docket #4: Justices Collect Prejudgment Premiums   April 2000

Dollar Docket #3: March Money Madness   March 2000

Dollar Docket #2: Another Epic Case of Political Dollars   February 2000

Dollar Docket #1: Classic Koch   January 2000

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