Money In PoliTex:

A Guide to Money in the 2010
Texas Elections

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This report analyzes the $202 million raised in the 2010 election cycle by 333 major-party candidates for statewide and legislative offices in Texas. The contribution and expenditure data presented here is derived from contribution and expenditure reports filed with the Texas Ethics Commission by the individual candidates and covers the period January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2010.

The Statewide, House and Senate summary pages provide an overview of total money raised by all candidates for the particular offices as well as a breakdown of the money raised by political party affiliation, incumbency status, from PACs vs. individuals, money by time periods and by geography.

For each winning candidate in 2010 there is an individual money profile which provides more detail. The individual profiles include totals raised and spent by the candidate and the amount of cash on hand reported at the end of 2010. Each profile also includes a breakdown of money from major economic interest categories, by the size of contributions, by geography, and a list of top donors. Each profile also includes a link to download a csv data file containing a record of each itemized contribution that was reported by the candidate to the Texas Ethics Commission.