īTil Your Well Runs Dry:

How the State of Texas Converted the Edwards Aquifer into a Multi-Million Dollar Commodity

Footnotes :

1 Three bills to raise the cap were filed in 2007 that would raise the pumping cap: Puente’s HB 1292, Wentworth’s SB 659, and Hegar’s SB 1341.

2 The 34 percent figure combines the Individuals and Agriculture sector for the table “EAA Water Permits by Interest.”

3San Antonio Express-News. “SAWS gets bids online,” Jerry Needham. April 24, 2003.

4 Brokers probably control many more permits since the EAA reports permits that brokers or others lease out in the name of the renter rather than the ultimate permit owner.

5 San Antonio Express-News. “Cement plant to double size in New Braunfels,” Roger Croteau, June 7, 2005.

6 The Texas House passed a pending bill (HB 1565) directing the Bexar County Commissioners to replace this board in April 2007. The legislation follows years of controversy and alleged abuses by the board. Critics of the bill fear it is a first step to a SAWS takeover. SAWS has denied any such designs.

7 San Antonio Express-News. “Bexar Met moves to shore up water supply,” Jerry Needham. June 8, 2004.

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11 These clients are Dolph Briscoe and Jim and Janey Marmion (the latter sits on the Briscoe Ranches board).

12 This shredding schedule is authorized by Title 15, §252.014 of the Election Code.

13 No records were provided for the following board members elected in 2006: George Rice, Rafael Zendejas, Doug Miller, Bailey Barton and Bruce Gilleland. Partial records for 2006 candidates were provided for Byron Miller and Luana Buckner.

14 Board candidates must file a campaign report naming a treasurer. Candidates who expect to raise and spend less than $500 then can file a final report closing their account. Otherwise candidates must file bi-annual reports in January and July and opposed candidates must file two additional reports in the month preceding an election (see §251.001, §252.001, §254.063 and §254.064 in Title 15 of the Election Code.) Candidates failing to file proper campaign disclosures are subject to civil penalties. Scofflaws who raise or spend more than $500 can face criminal charges.