This report was published in July 2000. It should be considered outdated and is kept online for historical purposes only.

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Pioneers Pay for Both Parties

73 Pioneers gave federal Democrats $389,538 in hard and soft money contributions.

25 Biggest Pioneer Democrat Donors
Name $ to Dems
Robert Addison Day, Jr.
Kenneth Lay
Randall D. Hubbard
Larry Ruvo
Joseph C. Canizaro
Erle A. Nye
Roger G. Williams
James C. Langdon, Jr.
Stephan M. Minikes
Charles M. Cawley
R. Steven Hicks
Ned L. Siegel
Joseph J. O'Donnell
Pete Coneway
A. R. Sanchez, Jr.
Maurice R. Greenberg
Edward Floyd
J. Nelson Fairbanks
J. Roger Hirl
Roland W. Betts
Robert Wood Johnson, IV 
Bradford M. Freeman
Richard J. Egan
Alex G. Spanos
Anthony J. Alexander
Source: Center for Responsive Politics.  Contributions come from Pioneers and their immediate families.  Contributions are from the 1996 election cycle to the present.

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