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Governor Bush’s Well-Appointed Texas Officials

The Pioneers: Who are Bush's mystery fundraisers who have raised $100,000 each for his presidential campaign?

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The Governor's Gusher: The Sources of George W. Bush's $41 Million Texas War Chest

Read the Report: The Governors Gusher is a 20 page report on the business and special interests which have contributed $41 million to fund Governor Bush's political career.

read the Press Release

Search TPJ's Database of Bush contributors - This database contains 148,000 contributions to Governor Bush from his 1994 and 1998 elections.  It can be searched a number of ways, including by name, city, amount, date, business interest, or any combination of these.

More Bush info:
Press Release: Did Chicken Droppings Fuel Wyly Attack Ad Against McCain? - Mar. 6, 2000
Press Release: Wily Bush Donor Trashing McCain Record Himself Has Dubious Green Credentials - Mar. 3, 2000
Open Letter: Watchdog Group Calls on Bush to Release Names of $100,000 "Pioneers" - July 19, 1999

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