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*Texas statewide officeholders are barred from raising money during regular legislative sessions. For this reason, Perry raised no money during the first five months of 2003 and 2005.
Top Perry Donors
(January 2003 through June 2006)

 Contributor Business City
 Bob & Doylene Perry Perry Homes Houston
 AT&T Corp. Telecom Austin
 Thomas Dan Friedkin Friedkin Co’s (auto dealer) Houston
 Charles Wood, Jr. Dallas Fire Insurance Co. Dallas
 Richard Scott Trans-Global Solutions (shipping) Houston
 Lonnie 'Bo' Pilgrim Pilgrim's Pride Poultry Pittsburg
 Alice L. Walton Wal-Mart heiress Mineral Wells
 Paul L. Foster Western Refining Co. El Paso
 Johnny Baker Baker Managers (real estate) Houston
 Gerald Rubin Helen of Troy (beauty products) El Paso
 Phil D. Adams Phil Adams Co. (insurance) Bryan
 TX Real Estate Assoc. Trade group Austin
 Richard Wallrath Champion Window Centerville
 Larry Anders Summit Alliance Co’s (insurance) Dallas
 Dian Graves Owen Stai Owen Healthcare (drugs) Abilene
 James R. Leininger Kinetic Concepts (hospital beds) San Antonio
 Ned S. Holmes Parkway Investments (real estate) Houston
 David Disiere Deep South Holding (insurance) Southlake
 Charles & Judy Tate Capital Royalty (investing) Sugar Land
 George C. Hixon Hixon Properties (real estate) San Antonio
 HillCo PAC Hillco Partners lobby firm Austin
 Charles B. Lawrence Kirby Corp. (shipping) Houston
 Morton L. Topfer Castletop Capital (ex-Dell exec.) Austin
 B.J. 'Red' McCombs McCombs Enterprises (auto dealer) San Antonio
 Moshe Azoulay American Garment Finishers Corp. Dallas
 Lowry & Peggy Mays Clear Channel (radio) San Antonio
 Kenny & Lisa Troutt Mt. Vernon Investments (telecom) Dallas
 J. Robert Brown Desert Eagle Distrib. (beer) El Paso
 Woody & Gayle Hunt Hunt Corp. (construction) El Paso
 Erle A. Nye TXU Corp. (retired) Dallas
 L. Frederick Francis Bank of the West El Paso
 Robert Rowling TRT Holdings (oil/hotels) Irving
 John McStay McStay Investment Council Dallas
 Donald J. Carter, Jr. Home Interiors & Gifts, Inc. Addison
 Clifton L. Thomas, Jr. Speedy Stop Convenience Stores Victoria
 Larry Martin USA Waste Houston
 James Lee E*Trade Prof. Trading (investing) Houston
 Lee Bass Bass Brothers Enterprises (oil) Fort Worth
 Louis Beecherl, Jr. Beecherl Co’s (oil fortune) Dallas
 William A. Boothe Boothe Eye Care & Laser Center Dallas
 J. Dan Brown Brown Distrib. Co. (beer) Austin
 James Dannenbaum Dannenbaum Engineering Houston
 Dan L. Duncan Enterprise Products (chemicals) Houston
 Ralph & Joy Ellis Belmont Oil & Gas Corp. Irving
 Robert D. Gillikin Cummins Southern Plains (engines) Dallas
 Kent R. Hance Hance Scarborough Wright (lobbying) Austin
 Forrest E. Hoglund Ex-Enron executive Dallas
 James L. Huffines Huffines Auto Dealerships Dallas
 Ray L. Hunt Hunt Consolidated (developer; oil) Dallas
 R. Steve Letbetter Ex-Reliant Energy exec. Houston
 Joe R. & Teresa Long First State Bank (retired) Austin
 J. Frank Miller III JPI Co’s (developer) Irving
 Lee Roy Mitchell Cinemark USA (movie theaters) Plano
 T. Boone Pickens BP Capital (oil, water investing) Dallas
 Bobby & Phyllis Ray K Hovnanian Homes Plano
 Richard & Jill Salwen Dell Computers Austin
 Jeff D. Sandefer Sandefer Capital Partners (investing) Austin
 James Schneider Dell Computers Austin
 Harold Simmons Contran Corp. (investing, nuke waste) Dallas
 L.E. Simmons SCF Partners (investing) Houston
 Michael Stevens Michael Stevens Interests (apartments) Houston
 TX Dental Assoc. Trade group Austin
 Robert Waltrip Service Corp. International (funerals) Houston
 Frank & Mary Yturria Yturria Ranch Brownsville
 H.B. 'Bartel' Zachry HB Zachry Construction Corp. San Antonio


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